The Beerd Run 5K Entry Package

I just signed up for this 5k. Mostly just because I want the t-shirt. So, setting a goal to get back into running shape by then. :{D

Our pets are face timing huehuehue

Also my friend called me

And told me her mom’s company is looking for someone to make a once a month 15-page newsletter in indesign with content provided and they pay $450 for that. Im like OKAY YES.

Yo best oil change experience ever

It was apparently my fourth time at this place, so I got a free oil change. Asked them to check my brakes for me (weird faulty brake light comes on in the morning). They told me its all good. They gave me cookies. And they filled my tires with air. Did not suggest my car was falling apart and try to get me to spend $1,000. All with my free oil change. Huehuehue.


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tfw you actually go to a gym where the first thing you notice about the men that go there is the size of their ginormous legs.
not arms.

man thighs are the absolute best

ugh when a guy wears kinda short shorts to the gym i can’t even focus

mmm man quads yessss and nice calves

boy butts

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"Let’s make the menu healthy and focus on cutting fats…

…Fresh turkey burger with a pepper jam. Use sugar (heaping tablespoon), peppers, and marmalade. Let that sit.” Okay that’s just sugar sauce. “Toast the buns with butter.” Fats? “Now top with sliced avocado.” Do you know what fat is???



This is a quesadilla maker.